Cumulative Update 1 for Configuration Manager SP1 released

sp1cu1-01This morning the Cumulative Update 1 for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Service Pack 1 has been released. Within this update several components are updates and some new Powershell cmdlets are added to the list of supported cmdlets. The following components are updated:

                  • Administrator Console
                  • Site systems
                  • Device management
                  • Software updates
                  • Client
                  • Powershell

 While installing the update will create again 4 packages which you can use to update your clients, other consoles and other site servers or servers where the SMS Provider is active.

Installing the Cumulative Update 1 for Configuration Manager 2012 SP1
Installing the Cumulative Update 1 for Configuration Manager 2012 SP1

Major fixes in this update are:

  • Reporting wrong link status of Replication state
  • ConfigMgr client couldn’t be installed on new ARM devices (Fail to get the CAB file name because of unsupported processor type: 0)
  • The Allow clients to share content with other clients on the same subnet option in the properties of a Software Update Group Deployment was ignored.
  • Schedule Updates Wizard did not list content for Windows Server 2012.
  • The MicrosoftPolicyPlatformSetup.msi  file was not correctly signed.
  • Some Powershell cmdlets are fixed.

Next to the updates 39 new cmdlets are added to the Powershell module.  See the list below for some nice cool new cmdlets:

[table style=”1″] [tr][th]
  • Add-CMDistributionPoint
  • Import-CMAntiMalwarePolicy
  • Import-CMDriver
  • New-CMAppVVirtualEnvironment
  • New-CMMigrationJob
  • New-CMPackage
  • New-CMSoftwareUpdateAutoDeploymentRule
  • New-CMTaskSequence
  • New-CMTaskSequenceInstallUpdateAction
  • New-CMTaskSequenceMedia
  • New-CMUserDataAndProfileConfigurationItem
  • Remove-CMTaskSequenceInstallUpdateAction
  • Set-CMTaskSequenceGroup
  • New-CMTaskSequenceGroup
  • Remove-CMTaskSequenceGroup
  • Set-CMApplicationCatalogWebsitePoint
  • Set-CMAppVVirtualEnvironment
  • Set-CMClientPushInstallation
  • Set-CMClientSetting
  • Set-CMDistributionPoint


[/th] [th]
  • Set-CMDriver
  • Set-CMEndpointProtectionPoint
  • Set-CMEnrollmentPoint
  • Set-CMEnrollmentProxyPoint
  • Set-CMHierarchySetting
  • Set-CMManagementPointComponent
  • Set-CMOperatingSystemImageUpdateSchedule
  • Set-CMOutOfBandManagementComponent
  • Set-CMReportingServicePoint
  • Set-CMSite
  • Set-CMSoftwareUpdateAutoDeploymentRule
  • Set-CMSoftwareUpdatePointComponent
  • Set-CMStateMigrationPoint
  • Set-CMStatusSummarizer
  • Set-CMSystemHealthValidatorPointComponent
  • Set-CMTaskSequence
  • Set-CMTaskSequenceInstallUpdateAction
  • Set-CMUserDataAndProfileConfigurationItem
  • Start-CMDistributionPointUpgrade
[/th][/tr] [/table]

More information about the update can be found here:


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