Speaking about Microsoft Intune at Microsoft Ignite & recording live

Last Friday I had the pleasure and honor to present a 75-minute breakout session together with mister “WindowsNoob” Niall Brady at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando. During this session we talked about how to approach a Microsoft Intune Pilot Deployment and how you are able to be successful while executing a project like this.

A little less than 600 (scanned) people attended our session in one of the bigger rooms with a nice stage. I was surprised to see so many on Friday morning at the last day of Ignite and also since the evening before a great party was held in the two parks of Universal Studios.

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See the recording of the session here;

If you have questions, feel free to reach out via mail, via a message below this blog or join the conversation via the Microsoft Tech Community !

 So how was Ignite for me?

It was the first time that I was attending and speaking at Microsoft Ignite, the premium event of Microsoft. Almost 25.000 people were attending this year. If you ask me I have seen a lot of people but I did not have the feeling that it was to crowded. Some sessions, like the meetups were in way to small rooms but overall my impression was that the location in Orlando was great. Of course the fact that I stayed in the center of the convention, the Hyatt, plays a role. The hotel was a great location and the West, North and South parts of the convention center were easy reachable. Food was good, and no long lines like people were talking about the last two years.

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Speaking at Ignite was of course the highlicht for me! But also meeting the different people from Microsoft, lots of customers, vendors and new and old community friends!

Hopefully we will be back next year!


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