Midwest Management Summit, what a great community event!

MMS180x1501After a superb MVP Summit I had last week the pleasure to (co)-present four sessions at the Midwest Management Summit. This event, fully organized by the Minnesota System Center User Group with the help of other community members from around the world. What a great three day conference that had the feeling and experience of one big community and that was the intention of the whole event, organized at the Radisson Blu at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

During the 3 days more than 100 sessions were presented by more than 50 experts, 32 of those 50 are Microsoft MVP’s. No marketing, but real technical content or experience from the field and after every session there was 45 minutes Q&A time for the attendees available which allowed the attendees to really connect and interact with everyone during the event.

My first session on Monday was being part of a sponsor session of Parallels, I was allowed to do an introduction about the challenges when it comes to managing Mac devices. If they are even managed, since we do a lot of work keeping Windows operating systems managed but we forget managing the Macs that are brought into the environment. Unfortunately due this session, I had to miss the State of the Union brought by Kent and Kim, it was epic so I have heard 🙁 Even before our first session I attended the Birds a Feather – End User Computing – ConfigMgr and Intune even at 7am more than 50 people showed up to share their knowledge and experience with ConfigMgr and Intune. What a great community experience!

Last session of the day ended more than 12 hours after the first session started. What a great last session with Kent, Kim and beer at the “System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Jeopardy Quiz”

Beers and the jeopardy quiz :)
Beers and the jeopardy quiz 🙂

Tuesday 10am was the time my session with Chris was scheduled, we had a special guys Yury from Parallels to join us so we had a complete “Master your Mac OS X devices with ConfigMgr 2012 R2” session.

If you want to play with the Mac OS X Compliance Settings Chris and I have mentioned during our “Master your Mac OS X devices with ConfigMgr 2012 R2” session, have a look at the following links;

Download the slidedeck here.

Tuesday afternoon our “Get MMS right at home every month!” – beer session was scheduled. What a great session about how we all started our User Groups and what we have learned in the process of running the groups with or without help and support from sponsors or for instance Microsoft.

Some of the at MMS present Community Leads
Doing my part 😉

Wednesday 10am my session with Kenny called “Extend the App Model to Support your User Centric XenDesktop in the Data Center”. What a nice session and great discussion about extending SCCM with the XenDesktop Connector for SCCM and the two different worlds that aren’t so different. Just see and show the value and convince your Citrix peeps that live will be easier 🙂 I will be writing some blogs about what we showed and how it all works seamlessly together. Download the deck here.

Me and Kenny on the roll
Me and Kenny on the roll

Thanks again for attending our sessions, loved the questions and the feedback! Hope to be back next year!

Thanks Brian, Steve (x2), Nash, Garth, April, Sherry, Kent, Kalsey, Greg and many others from the MMS team! It was worth taking some time off to be part of MMS 2014!! What a great event you have created!

More on Enterprise Client Management soon. 🙂



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