Poll: What new or changed ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 feature do you like the most?

poll1Yesterday I started a blog series about my top 10 of new or renewed features within the upcoming Service Pack 1 for Configuration Manager 2012.  As always I would also like to hear what feature you like most, so please use this poll to submit your favorite new or renewed feature.

Also let us know what feature you are really missing within Configuration Manager 2012 (SP1).



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Merry Christmas!


  1. In those rare cases where a ConfigMgr 2012 Site infrastructure has NO connection to the Internet because it’s running at an internal network and connectivity is available on a DMZ only you can configure a WSUS upstream server on the top of your site hierarchy for your Software Update Point. In the RTM version this option was greyed out and you needed to work outside the ConfigMgr 2012 Console which, in my opinion, is a bit nasty. This problem is fixed in SP1 🙂

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