Mobile device support in Configuration Manager 2012

In my last blogs I wrote about configuring Configuration Manager 2012 to use certificates for secure communications with the clients and other site servers. Let’s now see how mobile devices fit into Configuration Manager 2012.

Configuration Manager 2012 supports different kinds of mobile devices, see for more information an earlier blog about Configuration Manager 2012 and mobile devices.

For using Mobile devices in Configuration Manager 2012 you need to configure the following:

  • For mobile devices, after creating the certificates create a CNAME (ConfigMgrEnroll)in the DNS for the site server that has the enrollment proxy point
  • Configure the management points for mobile devices, enable HTTPS and “Allow mobile devices to use this management point”
  • Configure the distribution point, enable HTTPS.
  • Install and configure the Mobile device enrollment point and Mobile device enrollment proxy point
  • Configure the default client settings for mobile device enrollment to allow users to enroll mobile devices and supply the root certificate of your Certificate Authority when you create the mobile device enrollment profile.
  • To install the Configuration Manager client, you need to go to the following URL: https://cmsiteserver/ClientCabs/ConfigMgrEnroll.Cab

  • Save the CAB file and browse to the file and install the file on the mobile device.
  • Click on Enroll when you need to enroll your phone to connect to the Configuration Manager 2012 Environment

  • Supply your email address and password and enroll the Configuration Manager Client and click on Next.

  • When the enrollment process is finished click on OK.
  • After a while you see that the mobile phone is enrolled. From now you are able to manage the Windows Mobile 6.5 phone within the Configuration Manager 2012 Console.

Things like Hardware Information is available after enrolling the device. Right click on the device , select Start and Resource Explorer to see the Hardware Information;

In following blogs I will look into the new Application Model to see where the Mobile device support fits in.


  1. Hi Peter,

    Instead of using Exchange if the mailboxes are on O365, will you be able to manage the mobile devices then. How?


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