SCSM 2010 SP1 Exchange Connector, a first look

Last Friday the Exchange Connector for SCSM 2010 was finally released and is a welcome enhancement for System Center Service Manager SP1. With the Exchange Connector you are able to monitor an Exchange Server 2007/2010 mailbox where people from your company can send their new, or updated incidents to. The connector is used to monitor the mailbox of the workflow service account. Unfortunately you cannot monitor a custom Exchange mailbox.

The installation of the connector is well documented in the deployment guide, but after installing and configuring some issues with the registry occured. 

The Exchange connector is installed and configured on the following software:

  • Windows Server 2008R2
  • System Center Service Manager 2010 SP1
  • 64-bit Exchange Web Services Managed API Client DLL
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1

After importing the Exchange “Microsoft.SystemCenter.ExchangeConnector” Management pack, you can create and configure the Exchange Connector.


After the installation and configuration in our environment, the connector didn’t work straight away but the following errors appeared in the Operations Manager eventlog:

Event-id 33880 Event source: Health Service Modules

A Windows Workflow Foundation workflow failed during execution.
Workflow Type: Microsoft.SystemCenter.ExchangeConnector.ProcessEmailsWorkflow

Workflow Identifier: 586bfa43-f009-d664-defc-4177fe7cfd4d

Exception Type: System.Security.SecurityException

Exception Message: The source was not found, but some or all event logs could not be searched.  Inaccessible logs: Security.

et cetera….

Analyzing the problem, the issue is that the workflows service account doesn’t have enough permissions to write events in the Security event log. So the first step would be setting the right permissions on the Security registry key. Giving the service account Full Control on the key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesEventlogSecurity) doesn’t solve the problem and gives a new error in the Operations Manager eventlog.

Event-id 33880 Event source: Health Service Modules

A Windows Workflow Foundation workflow failed during execution.
Workflow Type: Microsoft.SystemCenter.ExchangeConnector.ProcessEmailsWorkflow

 Workflow Identifier: 586bfa43-f009-d664-defc-4177fe7cfd4d

 Exception Type: System.Security.SecurityException

 Exception Message: Requested registry access is not allowed.

et cetera….

This issue is solved by giving the workflow service account Full Control on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesEventlog registry key. I don’t know if it’s a “supported” solution, but the Connector works as designed. 🙂


  1. I think I ran into the same problem, but possibly for a different reason. With user account control turned on, my account, which is in the administrators group, doesn’t run with all privileges enabled. Therefore, even though my account was assigned the priv, I couldn’t write to the key.

    FWIW, I’ve run into a similar issue with SQL Server Reporting Services, where I got an access denied error trying to get to the admin page. I worked around that one by running IE “as administrator” and then explicitly giving my account the access rights I needed.

    Turning off UAC seemed to work around the problem.

  2. Hi Peter,

    We’ve had the Exchange Connector working successfullu over the last 3 months but most recently it seems to be stopping with ‘Finished with errors’….any ideas what could be causing this and how we can resolve it…have tried find searching the forum but no real joy.

  3. Hi Peter,

    I tray to implement Exchange Connector in SCSM 2010. I have Exchange 2010 where AD/DNS exchange Auto Discover was configured.
    I implement Exchange Connector in following the instruction to implement him.
    It is not work !

    I have some questions !

    Where can i personalise the recipiender Email when an Incident is created or updated?

    Thanks for your help !

    1. Hi Karim,

      This test is done with an early version of Exchange Connector. Haven’t tried it with the newer versions, and SCSM 2012. So I am affraid that I cannot help you out.


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